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Ascend Financial Consultants (AFC) was founded in 2004 by Stephanie DeWitt to provide independent financial advice to investors who seek customized solutions for their unique needs. We have developed successful processes and services that segregate funds for various needs and manage your money within those brackets accordingly to achieve your goals.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we act solely in the best interests of our clients to give you peace of mind and good investment options. Our compensation comes from delivering sound advice and managing investment accounts on your behalf. We believe in putting our clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.


15 Years of Mapping Your Financial Success

Our Team

Stephanie DeWitt

Principal & Chief Investment Officer

With more than three decades of experience in financial services, Stephanie DeWitt has built her practice by providing personalized financial advice and excellent service. She established Ascend Financial Consultants, Inc. in order to completely focus on the unique concerns of people who value customized wealth management from trusted respected investment professionals.

An Indiana native, Stephanie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from General Motors Institute, now Kettering University, and began her financial services career shortly after moving to Southern California in 1980. An active member of the Sierra Club and United States Tennis Association, she is an avid hiker and has climbed Half Dome and Mt. Whitney. Not to be omitted, Stephanie’s faithful companion Auggie Doggie, the goldendoodle, can often be found posing ever so perfectly for petting.

Dianne Nixon, FPQP®

Chief Compliance & Operations Officer

Dianne is in charge of all office functions, compliance, and general customer service.

Dianne was a client of Stephanie’s before Ascend even began. She helped get it off the ground in 2004 and has been around ever since, for the most part. When Ascend first started, Dianne would bring her infant daughter to work with her every day. Now, that daughter is a teenager, and Dianne has added two dogs and a cat to her household. Between work, home, and her newfound love for Pilates, she stays pretty busy.

PS – If you ever get to meet Dianne, ask her about the time she got to ride in the wienermobile!

Patricia Orozco

Administrative Assistant

I have had the pleasure of over 50 years of administrative experience that has included nonprofit, civil service, and private and corporate businesses. My professional manner and educational background allows me to work well with a diverse population. I take pride of my work ethic and am an exceptional multitasker.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my leisure time with my seven grandchildren as well as participating in bike marathons with friends. Giving back to the community is  also an important part of my life. I enjoy volunteering with a nonprofit organization that raises funds for local high school graduates to attend college.

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